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  • Here, our 96,000 employees do work that matters, applying our science in ways that make a positive impact on people’s lives around the globe. And we're constantly looking for the best and brightest talents to be part of our team. Join our Talent Community to receive exclusive content and stay up to date on our company events, opportunitnies and know more about what it's like to work at 3M!

3M Areas of Expertise

Here, we discover and innovate in nearly every industry under the sun. We even innovate with the sun.

  • HealthCare
    Health Care
    Develop products that health care providers can depend on for the patients who depend on them.
  • Manufacturing
    Here, you manufacture for manufacturers - creating everything from ultra-strong abrasives to futuristic materials.
  • Safety
    Help make the world a safer place, from cleaner water in Mumbai to roadway improvements in London.
  • Automotive
    Here, you’re part of 100 years of automotive industry experience. Do everything from working to improve fuel economy to revolutionizing the painting process.
  • Electronics
    Build devices today that will power the world tomorrow. From customer service to airplanes to surgical procedures, help create a more automated world.
  • Energy

    Harvest sunlight. Develop and supply a quality reliable connection to the grid. Enable power transmission lines to carry more power. Your energy saves energy.

  • Commercial Solutions
    Commercial Solutions
    Help businesses deliver comprehensive solutions to provide a safe, consistent experience for business consumers.
  • Transportation
    Here, you keep the world moving. Play an innovative role in providing safer, more comfortable, attractive, durable and environmentally responsible modes of transportation.
  • Communications
    Develop a more connected world. Connect products, people and companies by harnessing the power of more than 45 technology platforms.
  • Design & Construction
    Design & Construction
    Here, you expand what’s possible through form and function. Devote yourself to providing quality products that can transform an environment.
  • Mining, Oil & Gas
    Mining, Oil & Gas
    Here, you dig deep to stay on top. Help streamline the mineral extraction industry for those working with challenging conditions in harsh and remote geographies.
  • Consumer
    Be part of over 100 years of innovation. Enable creativity, simplicity and efficiency to homes, offices and schools across the world.

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  • 3M Locations Around the World

    Here, you are part of a leading company. With locations in over 60 countries across the world, you’re part of a large network of the world’s best minds.

    • Global sales: $31.8 billion.
    • International (non-US) sales: $20.1 billion (63 percent of company’s total).
    • 3M products sold in nearly 200 countries.
    • 89,800 employees globally.
    • 2015 3Mgives cash and product donations totaled $70.4 million.

At 3M

Here, your ideas help shape everyday lives around the globe.

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Featured 3M Stories

Read more stories from 3M Newsroom

Here, your story is shared with the world.