Hearing protection

Ear protection for Collision Repair work

  • For most people, the ability to hear is taken for granted - whoever thinks that our ear is actually our most sensitive perception ability and at the same time houses our sense of balance? It is difficult to imagine how it would be to not hear very well, or at all. However, being exposed to even a slightly elevated noise level over a prolonged period of time can damage your hearing ability. In bodyshops, you often have a noise level that is so high that people automatically use hearing protection, however for a paintshop, it is often perceived as acceptable - but can be already high enough to warrant hearing protection to prevent damage (depending on work task).

Sources of elevated noise could be:

    • Air ventilation system in the spray booth
    • Air ventilation in the work shop
    • Electrical or pneumatically driven tools

    Thus is it recommended (or in some countries mandatory) that you either need to have hearing protection equipment being made available (usual from 85 dB on) to you or you are obliged to wear it for your own good (from 90 dB on).

Thus - protect your hearing - wear appropriate protection equipment!

  • 1100 Ear plugs

    1100 Ear plugs

  • 1310 Ear plugs

    1310 Ear plugs

  • PELTOR encapsulated hearing protection