Vehicle Appearance & Finishing Products

Car Polishing and Finishing Products

Whether it's simple de-nibbing or a more serious defect, 3M offers a wide range of rectification products designed to help paintshops achieve a perfect finish quickly and efficiently. With an award winning colour coded system of compounds and polishes, virtually all paint defect rectification work can be undertaken with ease and confidence.

  • Perfect-it™  and Trizact™ Fine Finishing Abrasives

    Perfect-it™ and Trizact™ Fine Finishing Abrasives

    3M's acclaimed Paint Rectification and Polishing System provides a complete solution for removal of imperfections in vehicle topcoat refinish. Starting with Perfect-it™ III and Trizact™ fine finishing abrasives, defects and blemishes are removed rapidly without the need for reworking or repainting. 3Ms System provides a rectification answer for every likely requirement – fresh or aged paints, small to large areas.

  • 3M™ Paint Defect Removal System

    3M™ Paint Defect Removal System

    The 3M™ Paint Defect Removal System is simple and easy to use to remove defects before buffing, reduce scratches and produce an overall finer finish. Wet or dry, you'll get excellent results particularly on small and hard to reach defects. The process is fully aligned to SMART processes.

  • 3M™ Colour Coded Polishing Systems

    The comprehensive range of 3M™ Perfect-it™ III products enables virtually all paint defect rectification work to be compounded, polished and completed with ease and confidence.


    • Colour code co-ordination to ease product selection.
    • Products and solutions are available for all paints including hard and scratch resistant clear coats.
    • Optimum high gloss and hologram removal.



  • Headlight Lens Restoration System

    A new, innovative system for refinishing weathered and scratched plastic lenses. It removes scratches and haziness from plastic headlights used on the majority of modern cars that are often caused by minor damage in collisions, general wear and tear, sunlight discolouration and cleaning mishaps.

  • Detailing and Car Care Products

    3M products are trusted by the professionals. Now everyone can restore and protect that showroom finish with the range of 3M™ Car Care Products. From a quick clean with 3M™ Car Wash Soap through to the ultimate treatment of 3M™ Performance Finish, each of our products does a superbly professional job. But they can of course be used independently to suit your needs and the time available.