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  • 3M Protective Coveralls Breathability

    Breathability in coveralls, can be a key factor in determining the wearer’s ability to maintain comfort. Watch this video to understand the factors that influence breathability and why it’s important when choosing a coverall.

  • 3M Protective Coveralls Fabric

    If the only consideration for designing and selecting protective apparel were protection coveralls would be made with the most protective fabric possible –heavy and non-breathable. However, different applications require different considerations, such as the heat stress, physical demands of the work task and the type of environment in which it is used. These considerations add to the need for different coverall designs and fabrics.

  • 3M Protective Coveralls Seams

    Different types of applications can require different types of seams. Watch this video to learn about the different types of seams and why 3M offers more than one type of construction.

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  • Why 3M™ Protective Apparel?

    Designed for the demands of the industrial workplace.

    Built to global protection standards— 3M protective apparel line offers whole suit CE certification*.

    Industry-leading design and comfort features help optimize protection from workplace hazards with enhanced comfort and freedom of movement.

    From a worldwide leader in occupational safety, offering a full line of compatible respirators, safety goggles and other personal protective equipment (PPE) to meet your needs.

    * While there are not yet regulations for Protective Coveralls in the New Zealand, 3M holds its products to the CE/European standards for proven effectiveness in protecting against industrial hazards.

    3M Protective Coveralls

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Cost Saving Solutions

    3M is at the forefront of product innovation for personal protection equipment (PPE) solutions. Learn more about our newest services and safety programs for all of your safety needs.

    Learn more

    Employees Disussing Cost Savings

  • 3M Protective Apparel

    The 3M line of quality disposable coveralls offers quality and reliability by helping workers maneuver freely and do their jobs efficiently, while instilling confidence in their choice of personal protective equipment (PPE).

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