Simplified posterior dental restorations

Takes less time, so you have more time

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Simplify your day with faster, easier posterior restorations

  • Simplified posterior restorations

    There are things in life you don’t want to miss. And the more complicated a procedure is, the greater chance there is for something to go wrong and disrupt your day.

    That’s why 3M Dental has simplified posterior restorations … the most frequently performed direct restoration. By using Filtek™ Bulk Fill Posterior Restorative with three other innovative products, you’ll move through posterior restorations with speed and simplicity. Let our simple Posterior Restorative Procedure help you stay on schedule … because your time outside of work matters.

    Watch a video to see how 3M can simplify your posterior restorations.

Designed to improve productivity from start to finish.

  • One-step, one-coat adhesive. Versatile. High bond strength. One simple technique and quick application. Virtually no post-operative sensitivity.

  • One-step bulk placement up to 5 mm deep. Low wear for durability and stress relief.

  • One easy-to-use curing light. Predictable, reliable cure. Optimized light guide is more comfortable for patients, and provides easier access to posterior teeth.

  • One versatile shape that adapts to all tooth surfaces for a diamond paste-like gloss in the convenience of a rubberized system.