3M™ Versaflo ™ Powered Air Purifying Respirator PAPR Assembly TR-616N, HC Battery, BT-30 Breathing Tube, HD Belt, 1 EA/Case

  • 3M ID 70071618113

Easy to use.

Easy to buy assembly of commonly used components.

Long run times.

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  • Easy to use
  • Easy to buy assembly of commonly used components
  • Long run times
  • Durable belt

The TR-616N assembly includes motor/blower (TR-602N), high capacity battery (TR-632), length adjusting breathing tube (BT-30), high durability belt (TR-626) and airflow indicator (TR-971). Headtops, filters, cartridges and battery charger sold separately.

The 3M™ Versaflo™ PAPR Assembly TR 616N includes motor/blower (TR 602N), high capacity battery (TR 632), length adjusting breathing tube (BT 30), high durability belt (TR 626) and airflow indicator (TR 971). The TR 616N assembly may be combined with 3M Versaflo branded headtops and filters or cartridges to create a complete, compact, light weight, easy to use PAPR for protection against certain particulates, vapors and gases. Single and four bay chargers are available to charge the battery. The TR 616N assembly may be the prefered choice of customers working in a rugged environment with airborne hazards that include particulates and gases or vapors such as fibreglas layup, pesticide manufacturing, agriculture, and demolition.

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