3M™ WetorDry Sandpaper 331Q

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High cutting performance and durability

Excellent finish

Great flexibility

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  • High cutting performance and durability
  • Excellent finish
  • Great flexibility
  • Sheeling and cracking resistance
  • Water or dry use

To have a job well done, your sandpaper must keep up with your ideas. The 3M WetorDry™ 331Q accepts your challenge because it combines the innovation of its cutting technology, keeping the finish you need. You will have the performance, flexibility and resistance to deliver the details, results and quality your clients demand.

The flawless result starts with the ideal sandpaper
Made with aluminum oxide mineral, 3M Sandpaper 331Q is durable and flexible that facilitates its use during wet sanding applications in automotive repair. It has waterproof treatment on the paper, which is also resistant to sheeling and cracking. This sandpaper was produced using materials specially developed for wet applications on surfaces that require grinding and finishing processes.

How to use your Sandpaper Sheet
Cut the sheet according to the size of your sanding block or according to your manual needs. Start sanding, always using clean water for lubrication. Use a sequence of suitable grains, according to your process, in order to guarantee the removal of the scratches from the previous grain at each step. For a better application, in roughing operations make oriented movements (horizontal and vertical movements) and for finishing phases make circular movements.

A story inspired by your work
When we launched the first wetordry Sandpaper on the market hundred years ago, we started to write a story of pioneering, hard work and partnership. We have always had you by our side, and improving your daily work is what moves our constant search for innovation and quality. After all, we have built the history and tradition of the 3M WetorDry™ together. And this is how we are going to write the next chapter. Our story is just beginning.

Suggested applications
  • Ideal for manual wet or dry sanding in automotive repair
  • Can be used on wood, metal, plaster, spackle, paint, primer, and fillers

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